In “[think] Like A Mind Reader™,” world-recognized expert in human psychology & performance, Jonathan Pritchard, reveals the psychology, creativity, and innovation that goes into making the impossible possible. It’s an interactive experience focused on lateral thinking, dynamic problem solving, and connecting with people in person & virtually.

The lessons shared during the presentation are instantly applicable to the business world of marketing, employee engagement, customer acquisition, and beyond. Jonathan encourages you to share your imagination, discover your talents, and imagine a better tomorrow.

Dream the impossible, and make it real.

Available presentation titles:

  • [think] Like A Mind Reader
  • 6 Keys To Customer Service
  • Influence With Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Look Over There
  • Elite Performance


Looking for the right blend of entertainment & education? Need to deliver your message in a fun, engaging, memorable, and meaningful way? We have you covered. Our team of professional entertainers work for corporate audiences in Vegas, on cruise ships, and everywhere in between. Our solutions are custom-fit to your event, and focused on making your guests as the stars of the show.

Every one of our team is highly skilled at interactive experiences and engagement marketing. That means that we do a great job of connecting your mission with your audience. We guarantee that it’s “corporate friendly” and if we do or say anything on or off stage before, during, or after the show then you get your money back. That’s our guarantee.

Perfect for:

  • Hospitality Suites
  • Sales Launches
  • Tradeshows
  • Conferences
  • Galas & Fund Raisers
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Awards Banquets

Master of Ceremonies

An elite MC is an insurance policy against the unexpected. AV issues? Schedule change? We have you covered. MCs are one of the most important parts of a successful conference, but are often the last thing on an organizer’s mind. A professional MC smoothly handles anything that might happen during your event. Did a speaker show up late and they’re still getting mic’d? Did the Q&A session run over time? Not a problem! Our team of MCs all have the experience & confidence to keep your show on track.

We have saved the day at general sessions, interviews, banquets, game shows, and every other kind of corporate event & conference that you could possibly imagine. We’ve also put in a lot of time in front of the camera, too. If you’d like to do any video production / interstitials, let’s talk!


  • Provide a human face for the event
  • Keep the show moving
  • Cover for changes in schedule
  • Fill in time so your audience doesn’t notice the delay
  • Make announcements fun
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